Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Art of Launching

Hey all!
Not sure why exactly, but I've been receiving A LOT of mail about Monster Protector Tri lately! Maybe its because MHTri's most devoted players are starting to reach the limit of the loot they've been jonesing for and are ready for a change of pace! Monster Protector is the perfect game to play when you've gotten all the Skypiercers you need and wanna try something new.

Or maybe you're like HR 35 player Noob 1444 and just enjoy the finer points of LAUNCHING fellow players! Noob was nice enough to share his views on the art of the upswing with us so that we may use it for both, the protection and demise of the Monster:

The Many Uses for an Upswing or an Unsheathe Attack
1)  Keeping people away from the Monster you are Protecting
2)  Saving people's hides and taking the fall to keep your Attacker quest going
3)  Generally Ticking people off for your own pleasure

While ticking people off and playing as a Protector with an Switch Axe or Hammer is easiest (and more fun than it should be), the real skill is in doing it with the Sword & Shield. Sheild bashing takes a while to perfect as you have to judge the timing and predict where the Attacker is going to be when you do it. Watching a body soar over your pitfalled Diablos when you get it right, however, is hilarious, satisfying and well worth the effort (Great Sword upswing also work well in this scenario). The hilarity triples on a Jhen hunt when you send someone off the side of the ship into the sand. Classic!

On the other hand, you can HELP your fellow Attackers by upswinging them ONTO Jhen's back if they miss the opportunity to jump onto it's fin! Jhen move slightly out of range? Just launch your buddy's ass on over! They'll thank you later if they manage to stick the landing. If used correctly, upswinging and launching can be incredibly helpful and, at times, even necessary!

A great example is while hunting a HR Great Jaggi with one other Attacker who was using LR hunter's armor. He was running low on health when the Great Jaggi was about to finish him off with a bodycheck. Sensing the imminent quest fail, I ran up to the guy and used an unsheathe attack with my Hammer, sending him sailing over the checking Jaggi. I took the hit as he ran and healed. I was using Leather + armor (don't judge me, I'm only HR35, remember?) and took considerably less damage than he would have. I proceeded to smash the Jaggi's face for him to help end the quest. Quest Complete. Hope he appreciated the sacrifice!

Great story Noob 1444! Indeed, upswinging is the bread and butter for any Protector trying to keep his Monster alive the longest, but thanks for sharing tips on how Attackers can take advantage of the strategy as well!

Thanks to everyone who has written and/or tried the game out yourselves! Spread the word and get others to play with you! Refer them to this site for the rules and have fun!



  1. I really loved what you did! It looks better than I could've typed it!

    Thanks for making me known as an annoyance to everyone, yet I don't care! It's fun as hell!

  2. An annoyance? Nah, you provided some great tips on how to play MPTri EFFECTIVELY! Great job!