Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing Monster Protector Tri!

Welcome to the MONSTER PROTECTOR TRI Official Rules blog! WTF is MONSTER PROTECTOR TRI you ask? Good question!

MPtri is a fun new way to get together and play Monster Hunter Tri online! Instead of all banding together to kill a MONSTER, one person from a full crew is chosen to PROTECT the monster from the other three by using anything and everything at their disposal!

I'm talking Lance Charges, Spirit Combos, Upswings and virtually every item in the game! Sound impossible? Well don't worry, the ATTACKERS are limited in the items and armor they can bring to help even those 3-on-1 odds! And don't forget the MONSTER. It doesn't want to die either!

If you ever took sick pleasure in upswinging or tripping a fellow hunter during a hunt, this variant on the traditional way to play Monster Hunter is for you! Best of all, everyone in the group gets the chance to be MONSTER PROTECTOR as you compete for who can keep their MONSTER alive the longest!

So jump over to the Official Rules page, get a crew together and TRI to PROTECT that MONSTER! *rimshot*

-Megosh the Swarthy

P.S. MPtri is still largely untested! Posting comments here about your experience will help me refine the rules and make a better game! We all appreciate your input!