Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

The Monster Hunter gods (Capcom) have finally seen it fit to grace the the world outside of Japan with a NEW MONSTER HUNTER GAME! Oh happy day! Sure, it'll probably just be the definitive version of MHTri with all the features of Portable 3rd and 3G thrown in, but it's gonna be on Wii U! HD Monster Hunter!

Not only that, but according to Capcom's press release, it's gonna be the ultimate experience as you can take it from your living room to the bathroom on your 3DS!

"Players can experience the world of Monster Hunter alone or in four player local play using the Nintendo 3DS. Finding nearby hunters to adventure on quests with is now even easier via the local Nintendo 3DS search feature. Wii U players will be able to enjoy the hunt with Nintendo 3DS players via a local wireless connection. Gamers that own both a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS can take advantage of the inter compatibility of save data between the two consoles, taking the hunt from the living room to wherever they go."

I couldn't be more pumped! As these games will probably just be an update of the Tri forumla, the Monster Protector rules should still apply! Good times, people!

-Megosh the Swarthy